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I can’t believe the notes this has gotten..
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I have no clue what I’m going to do with them but they are super cute! 🐳

I made these a few months ago and I still have no ideas as to what I should do with them! They’re way too cute though!!
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Hydrangea Hill Cotta charisma design
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follow me on instagram :) @midwesternclasss #preppy #preppystyle #jcrew #jcrewaddict #summerinlilly
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This is what happens when you combine hand painted Lilly Pulitzer “you gotta regatta” with Jack Roger inspired sandals.  Holy preppy perfection.  Sail on over to the blog for all of the details! {link in profile} @lifelovelilly #summerinlilly #yougottaregatta #lovemyjacks (at
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